A better waste

Author: Sharon  Date Posted:19 May 2019 

A more fashionable waste. Sustainability in Fashion, a different approach


I love natural fibres, I really do so you can imagine how excited I was to discover new and some not so new fabrics made from what have traditionally been known to be waste products.   The beautiful Soyabean we are working with has actually been sourced from the discarded husk of the Soyabean production. I love it!

Banana fabric is sourced from the waste of the banana stalk. I love it!

Milk fabric, yes Milk, is derived from the waste protein of the milk, you’re probably already getting it, I love it! 

Bamboo, the worlds fastest growing plant therefore its fastest renewable resource, my customers continually tell me … they love it! Me too.  And I am pretty sure I’m going to love sampling the beer and wine dress (pictured below) from Perth, Western Australia.


With the Urban Dictionary full of so many new words including, fast fashion, slow fashion, green washing, greening, conscious contributor, overconsumption, obsolescence; Eco Friendy Recyclable Polyster…. er really? I suddenly realised just how ignorant I was.

I must admit the more I looked into sustainability, as in researched, the more I realised that despite all the confusion we are on an even faster paced Sustainable revolution, or at least I hope we are. And fashion really does have a dirty footprint but it doesn’t need to be.


As recent as October 2018 I met a woman who is a buyer in the fast fashion industry for 4 or was it 5 very big companies, when I told her I did sustainable women’s fashion she justified their use of synthetics as the world’s most durable fabric, lasts forever and are Recyclable. She was passionate about it, which I love and although I don’t profess to be an expert, I do think she had it wrong. 

I was shocked at how she viewed a petroleum based, man made fabric as Sustainable.  I remember smiling at the time but inside I cringed, she really did believe her story.  But it got me thinking, history has proved that we can’t change the world overnight and we don’t all see things the same way so instead we need a different approach.


I therefore adopt a policy of a ‘better waste’. It simply means that wherever possible I ask myself 'can I do this better?' And you know what, the more I started to think about it, the more I embraced the change and it wasn’t hard. Its not just about recycling rather it's avoiding wherever possible the need to do so to begin with.

I love what I do, do you?

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