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Author: Sharon  Date Posted:18 April 2019 

Mulgrave Farmers Market Interview, A candid discussion with owner of Eco Chic Clothing
For my first blog I thought it would be nice to share an interview I did late last year for the Mulgrave Farmers Market which is located right outside our Eco Chic Clothing door every Sunday.
1. How would you describe Eco Chic Clothing to someone new?
Beautiful sustainable womens clothing specialising in Bamboo with new and exciting range of clothes and blends coming in 2019 including banana and soyabean.
2. What are surprising facts about your business people aren't generally aware of?
I am a bamboo specialist having been importing bamboo fabrics for 10 years
Incredibly comfortable to wear, bamboo drapes not clings, thermo regulates so is cooler to wear in summer and warmer in winter.
Is particularly beneficial for people with skin problems or ladies suffering from menopause and Hot Flushes
Eco Chic Clothing can be found in the foyer of the former Body Shop building where I have a lease
3. What makes your clothing I'm asuming "eco-friendly"? 
Bamboo is the worlds fastest growing plant requires little water and no pesticides or fertilisers. It can be harvested within 2 years of first planting a stand then every year thereafter, because of this and its ability to quickly aerate the soil and replenish the air, bamboo was planted in Hiroshima, after the bomb went off.
There are over 2000 species of bamboo and the bamboo used for clothing is not that eaten by pandas.
4. What instigated your journey to start this business? What's your start-up story?
Eco Chic Clothing was a business first started by one of my Bamboo Fabric Store customers in 2010, I have been operating it from Eumundi Markets, near Noosa, since 2013 and moved it with me when I relocated to Melbourne in 2018. It has been so well received by Melbournians especially market goers who have made me feel so welcome, thank you!
5. Do you have a fav motto/quote that links in with your business ?
Mother Earth we've got your back
6. What's a popular item(s) at your store?
Our bamboo pants are an absolute winner. You can pop on your runners, wear them to the gym or enjoy your morning walk, team with a pair of sandals to meet up for coffee with the girls or step out in a lovely pair of shoes. At night curl up on the couch with a great book and fall into bed in the most comfortable pants you've ever worn.
7. Who do you cater for/ Target audience?
Very popular with ladies from 30 to 80 especially those looking for stylish comfort.
We are sized for the Real World - XSmall, Small, Medium, Lovely and Extra Lovely - 8 to 20.


8. Do you source the clothing/make the clothing?

Our Bamboo Leisure Wear Clothes are made on the Sunshine Coast.
9. What's involved in question 8.?
I have been importing bamboo fabrics since 2008 and working with local sewers and pattern makers on the coast, I am currently looking for a sewer in Melbourne with whom I can work
10. What's your favourite part of running this business?
I'm a people person so I love the interaction with my customers, I am astonished at how critical women can be on themselves so helping ladies to find a garment that suits their body shape is very rewarding.
I also really enjoy educating people on Sustainable fashion.
11. How do you motivate/keep yourself inspired?
Every day I wake and say to myself, 'welcome to the first day of the rest of my life.' 
It is so important to look after our earth and the damage that we our causing with fast fashion and synthetic fabrics needs to be addressed, the only way I see this happening is by giving people a better choice.
This is my way of being of conscious contributor.
12. Do you have specific business routines, e.g. start day at certain time/coffee/music etc.
I am am here most Sundays and aim to be here Tuesday to Friday between 10am and 4pm.
I do come and go due to different commitments eg.  I have been on courses and attending trade shows in both Australia and overseas
13. What do you find three keys to your success as a small business owner?
Passion, finding your passion and going for it, when you are on the right path doors literally do open, follow your intuition, its so important.
Consistency in your routine, don't allow the small jobs to get so out of hand it becomes a nightmare. I always keep a dairy on my desk and write down my goals for the day, I don't always get to complete them so I carry them over to the next day. Ticking them off is very rewarding.
Be nice, if you look after your suppliers they will look after you, they aren't just asking you to pay their invoices in reality you are paying their wages.
Celebrate the rewards even the small ones, its so much more fun than waiting for the big ones.
14. Any upcoming new products in the works in the near future?
Fabrics are already in production for my new range coming in February (now May). It will be a crossover between nightwear and day wear.
I love bamboo but these blends are even more exciting!

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