Eco Chic Clothing Our Story

Author: Sharon  

Eco Chic Clothing has been specialising in Bamboo womens clothing since 2013.

Originally operating from Eumundi Markets on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast it was relocated in 2018 to Australias Fashion Capital, Melbourne, where it has undergone transformation into an online store.  Importantly, Eco Chic Clothing now offers customers and wholesalers new and exciting styles made from gorgeous sustainable fabrics that we were told, “nobody else wanted to use!”

It has been a remarkable journey for owner, Sharon Prince, who has been specialising in Bamboo since 2009 when she and her then partner bought Bamboo Fabric Store, a small online business that filled half the garage and very quickly outgrew the entire house.

‘At the time I had no idea just how bad the fashion industrys environmental footprint could be and I am still learning!' Thankfully we are entering into new and exciting times with more and more fabrics being sourced from natures garden including orange, coffee bean, milk, banana, soyabean and lotus to name a few. 

'I see things differently to most, to me health is wealth and abundance is not all about money. I adopt an everything in moderation approach and it is important our clothes benefit not just the wearer but also the earth.'

At Eco Chic Clothing our customers are generally aged between 30 to 80 years, but we don’t discriminate.  We cater to the 'forgotten generation' of ladies in their 40’s to 60’s who love stylish classics, good quality clothing and natural fibres.  They are very much aware of the enviroment and love to wear the same clothes as their daughters, only differently.  It is for this reason that our models are 30 and 56 years of age.

Eco Chic Clothing currently operates from premises in Mulgrave that were formerly the Body Shop head office. ‘It is my office, showroom and warehouse; and on Sundays the Mulgrave Farmers Market is right outside the door.'

‘I feel very fortunate to have found something that I not only love to do but will make a difference for future generations.’ 

Sharon, Owner, Eco Chic Clothing